OPT-FSPL MK II, Fibre Optic Compact Fusion Splicer MK II

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The Optronics OPT-FSPL MK II compact fusion splicer uses a core-to-core alignment system for optimal splicing of optical fibres. Suitable for use with MM and SM fibres including DS, NZDS and G657. Five standard programmes are available and users can configure their own programs. With an average splice time of 8 seconds and a heat shrink time of 35 seconds the OPT-FSPL MK II provides a very fast termination process. Before splicing, the OPT-FSPL MK II checks the end faces of the fibre ensuring the accuracy of the cleave angle in order to provide the optimum splice conditions. In the event of it not being suitable, a warning will be displayed on screen detailing what the problem is enabling the user to rectify it without wasting time.

Average splice losses of below 0.02dB for SM and 0.01dB for MM make it suitable for both data and telecoms applications. The estimated loss is displayed on screen after splice operation and recorded in the memory for future information. After splicing, a 2N tension test is automatically carried out when the wind shield is lifted in order to prove the strength of the fused joint. The standard rechargeable battery will ensure a full days work with a life of 120 cycles, splice and heat shrink operation, with a short re-charge time of around 4 hours.The splicer is very compact and lightweight and is supplied complete in its own hard carry case making it ideal for use in the field.

The standard OPT-FSPL MKII-KIT comprises the fusion splicer, cleave tool, internal battery and charger, spare electrodes, cooling tray, buffer stripper and hard carry case with strap.


  • Compact and light weight
  • Shock and drop resistant
  • Integrated Splice On Connector holder
  • Core to Core active alignment
  • Large colour LCD screen
  • Simultaneous X and Y views
  • Multiple Languages
  • Results storage
  • 8 second splice time
  • 35 second heat shrink time
  • Long battery life (120 cycles)
  • Illuminated splice area for ease of use in poor light conditions
  • Max. wind velocity of 15 m/s
  • Max. operating altitude : 5,000 m


  • Fibre cable splicing
  • Pigtail to cable splicing
  • Splice-On-Connectors
  • Enterprise and Telecommunications networks
  • FTTx

Technical specifications

Monitor: 4.3 inch colour LCD, simultaneous display of X and Y axis
Heater: Internal heat shrink oven
Storage: 8000 results
Data Transmission: USB
Applicable Fibres: SM, MM, DS, NZDS, EDF
Cladding Diameter: 85 to 150µm
Sheath Diameter: 100 to 3000µm
Fibre Cleave Length: 8-22mm
Splicing Mode: Auto, Semi-Automatic and Manual
Average Splice Loss: 0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04(NZDS)
Return Loss: >60dB
Operating Temperature: -25 to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to +80°C
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing
Protection Sleeve Length: 20mm – 60mm
Tension Test: 2.0N
Language: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Russian
Power Supply: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz or 15V DC
Battery: Li-Ion 15V 6Ah
Dimensions: 135mm (W) x 138mm (H) x 142mm (D)
Weight: 1.95 kg
Warranty: 4 Year


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